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Kids Making the News Happen for June 12, 2020

Thaddeus leads the KMNH team as they present their new segment focused on Social Justice, called "It's Our Time".

Thank you to Jeni Jenkins-Moore for inspiring and educating our teens. Your interview has already inspired another It's Our Time segment next week.

Larkin interviews the creators of Sunday's Flag Day Vigil - Line the Avenue for Justice and Equality on Hamilton Ave. and the KMNH news crew hits the sidewalk to celebrate SPUN Bicycles efforts to help bicyclists in Northside!

Plus Omer's word of the day is really a challenge to make a difference and Tulip brightens our day with a great weekend forecast.

Special thanks to the Chameleon, Downbound Books and Matthew Wizinski - Studio Junglecat for sponsoring tonight's KMNH - Kids Making the News Happen!



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