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        Happen, Inc. is an award winning non-profit organization founded in 1999 to help children and their parents share creative, bonding experiences through art. Happen’s programs help create a positive environment for children and their parents through art-related activities and experiences designed to strengthen both the family structure and the community as a whole.

        Happen, Inc.® offers many unique outreach programs to the community focusing on a variety of artistic and creative activities. And we are always working to develop new and innovative special events and programming to help further our mission and produce new ways to learn.  Happen programs and projects always follow our three “E”s, which guide us to  design activities that Entertain, Educate and Empower.  Our vision is to everyday, create a positive environment where shared creative experiences happen that participants look back on as life changing.


       Happen, Inc.® now offers programs to all ages.  From toddlers to seniors, Happen has expanded our programs to include the entire community. Our belief is that families are strengthened when experiences are shared where everyone involved can look back having learned or experienced something new. We always strive to look at learning as an opportunity to build relationships in a creative way. 

        Additionally, Happen seeks to engage with Cincinnati communities by providing traveling programming and working closely with local leaders to create experiences that help to strengthen community pride and togetherness.  

“Community is not just where you live, its how you live with other people” is a constant theme that children learn and adults are reminded throughout Happen programs.We invite everyone to engage with Happen on every level.

        For those of you who don’t live in the Greater Cincinnati area and can not visit our facility or traveling programs you can now enjoy Happen at home through this site.  This site is built for all ages and  brings real life Happen activities and engagements to your screen.  It’s a new way to celebrate creativity and build family traditions that will last a life time.  So we invite you to stop, watch and make it Happen. 

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