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Happen@Home Even More Northside Blocks!

There are so many wonderful historic buildings in our community, we just had to share one more in our Northside Blocks series. Do you recognize these buildings? What about the names of the local businesses that call these buildings home?

Click the image to the left to download today's worksheets. Then color and cut them out as one along the outside solid line. You can also fold the buildings at the dotted lines to make the buildings stand on their own. Just glue or tap the tabs on the sides to the folded portion along the base. For this project heavier paper is better if you have it, But if not it should still work fine. Color the buildings and maybe even try designing your own signs for the business that make this Northside block their home.

You can learn more about these buildings and all of Northside from the book "A Souvenir History of Cumminsville" from 1914 which is available as a download from the Cincinnati Public Library.



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