HAPPEN 2020 Time Cap  Outlined .jpg

Get ready to make some Happen history!


Every year Happen’s director, Tommy Rueff celebrates his birthday by asking others to donate to Happen, Inc. Tommy founded Happen 21 years ago and continues to produce fun, family-friendly content that focuses on building communities - like our new KMNH broadcast.


Tommy’s birthday is coming up on September 6, and this year the fundraising celebration is a little different. This year you can contribute more than just money to Happen. This year you can contribute to history too.


In every way this has been a year unlike any other. Happen, Inc. is creating a 2020 time capsule to be opened in 20 years so we can save your memories and experiences, thoughts and wishes for a future generation.


For a $25 donation, you can include your memories to share with a future generation, such as drawings, photos, letters or even a video message on a flash drive - whatever you like so long as it fits in a standard, #10 envelope.
Just click here right here to make your donation then send your envelope to 4201 Hamilton Ave. or drop it through the mail slot at Happen’s Studio. 


We will add your submission to the time capsule which will be buried at the Happen Outside Garden at 1609 Hoffner street and will stay buried for the next 20 years.  


So what do you want to say to a whole new generation? Start by supporting Happen, Inc. now and far into the future.