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Kids Making the News Happen for Saturday, August 28

Stop, Watch & Share this broadcast of KMNH – Kids Making The News Happen.

On this weekend’s edition of KMNH the news team focuses on the generosity of others!

Meet a Northside neighbor and director of Cancer Justice Network who is doing everything he can to make sure everyone that is eligible, can receive a Covid vaccine.

Meet the members of an Illinois non-profit organization See Something, Do Something Good, Inc. that is making a difference at Happen and in our neighborhood.

Learn how the generosity of one person leads others to leave tips worth over sixty thousand dollars!

Meet Doc Jones the artist and graphic designer who created the new Chase School logo and learn about Happen’s Community Canvas Program.

The Cincinnati Zoo makes big changes for elephants and the environment!

Get all the breaking news about the next Northside Alley Cleanup.

If you enjoyed last week’s video of a hummingbird on Hamilton Avenue, then make sure to stay tuned to see how a very special insect is also attracted to our busy street.

All this and more on KMNH – Kid’s Making The News Happen.



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