The Porch, in the days before homes were air-conditioned, was the place for rest and relaxation as well as the stage for social interaction among the community. All of the neighborhood children and parents would retire to the front porch every summer evening, as it was the cool place to be. Long before TV and social media demanded the attention of Americans after work, the front porch was a refuge from the

indoor heat, allowing one to relax, have a chat with a neighbor, or even- tually listen to a baseball game on the radio. The porch was an extension of the Living room for the average resident.

Northside was predominately settled by European Immigrants from GermanyandIreland. Asthesegroupsofpeoplemovedtotheour region the German immigrants predominately settled on the north side of the old railroad tracks that bisected Cumminsville, and built brick homes. While the Irish, typically with lesser means than the Germans, settled on the south side of the tracks and built frame houses. (note: The DAR Park is right in the middle of the of abandoned RR right-of-way those tracks)


The Industrial Revolution in the late 1870 and 1880's produced machin- erythatenabledthemassproductionof homebuildingparts,verysim- ilar to what happens in the building industry today. As the wood lathe wasdeveloped, porchpiecesandpartsbecamecommerciallyavailable from the local lumberyard, all the builder needed to do was order the parts and they arrived by railroad within a few weeks. The builders of the day were designing using a combination of the available parts and pieces, which they would incorporate into the houses they built.

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